Friend Zone

Why all the time when you like a girl ends up just as a friendship…I always wonder what I’ve done wrong…I’m not nice enough? Plenty off questions…always ends up like you’re to good for me …you’re to nice for me… why a woman don’t like to be treated nice ? I always wonder this question…

What it’s Love?

Love is like that grumpy teacher you had in school. Everyone liked him, but he was brutal in his lessons. He made you work hard and punished you until you felt sorry for your mistakes.Unlike other mistakes in our lives, the mistakes committed in love hurt way more because they hit us closer to our hearts.We can read a thousand books, be in tens of relationships, but there are some things about love we only learn the hard way.

Ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder why you’re the one who has to suffer?

Did you ever wonder why all the bad things happen only to you ?

Did you ever wonder if you deserve this?

Did you ever wonder if it’s a Good? Or hell or haven? 

I’m asking all this question very often and I don’t find an answer…sometimes i want to quit I want to stop asking i want everything to stop …